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DMC Armenia: Armenia is a country filled with treasures, from amazing landscapes, ancient sights, delicious cuisine, stunning monasteries and rolling vineyards. It became the world's first Christian country more than 1700 years ago in 301 AD, and to this day is still blessed with amazing monuments, like the Greco-Roman Temple of Garn and the monastery at Geghardi.
Armenia straddles Europe and Asia which makes for their fascinating culture. It offers great views of the biblical Mount Arara (where Noah landed his ark), which is now technically part of Turkey. This famous mountain can be seen from the nation's capital, Yerevan, Armenia’s cultural center. In this vibrant city there is plenty of opera and theatre. Another hotspot  is Lake Sevan, a massive high-altitude fresh water lake (one of the largest in the world) with beautiful beaches.

Further down the page: Read about our company * Travel Facts. There is also a map, the best hotels for meetings in Armenia and program ideas for Armenia.

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Travel to Armenia

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Travel to Armenia

Master-class of Lavash Baking

  • After enjoying your hospitality, the first thing your guests should jump into is the ceremony of baking Armenian traditional tandoor lavash.
  • You will have the opportunity to follow the whole process of how one of the finest jewels of Armenian cuisine is crated in a tandoor from formless dough. This lavash-making master class will definitely be something to remember for quite a while.
  • Tourists can also take part in lavash-making process, after they will taste it with Armenian greens, cheese and vodka.

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Armenia program idea

Travel to Armenia

Boat tour in Sevan with beer and crayfish

We travel to Sevan, where a typical Armenian lunch will be served with traditional homemade Vodka. Lake Sevan is the largest alpine high mountain freshwater lake in our region. Today we will be fishing for Crayfish with professional fisherman. Afterwards we participate in a Master Class of fish barbecue.Visit the Map Winery. This attractive and hospitable cellar will be welcoming you during this visit. Here you can learn about our wines and the way they are produced. We have organised a beautiful wine tasting with typical Armenian snacks for you and your clients.


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Armenia Hospitality DMC is an inbound operator for Armenia and Georgia.  We have a formidable team who can assist with both leisure and incentives. We have a top reputation in the market.

We cater to you and your clients for whatever your needs are, anything is possible through this strong, experienced, and professional team. We're strong in Armenia, but also in Georgia. Click here for more incentive, event and group programs in Armenia

Companies we did events for

1. Alcon

2. AECP - Armenian eye care project

3. Roche 

4. Rail Europe, Russia

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At DMC Armenia:

We are very conscious of the environment. We are fully committed to finding ways by which  our activities have less impact on the environment.

Furthermore in our office:

Avoid paper work as much as possible. We use our ICT infrastructure to send invoices and quotes by email as PDFs or wetransfer.

We recycle where we can

We shut our computers and printers down after work or when not in use .

We purchase recycled products

We encourage the use of low impact transport for travel to and from work or business travel.