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Festivals in Armenia

festivals armenia

Yerevan Jazz Day

Jazz lovers should attend the annual Jazz Day held in Yerevan‘s Cascade Complex on April 30. It’s an International Jazz Day celebrated across the globe, and Armenia is no exception. The event brings together jazz groups from Armenia as well as international artists to highlight the music’s significant role as a method of communication that exceeds differences.

Yerevan Wine Days

Hosted by Areni Festival Fund, Yerevan Wine Days is a two-day event held on Saryan Street on May 11-12. The representatives of the 15 leading local wineries offer their products, while famous restaurants display corresponding dishes for visitors. Each day has a special program, so you don’t want to miss any of the events. For instance, on the first day of the festival, you can try white and rosé wine, while red wines are presented on the next day. Both days have songs and concerts accompanying the event.

Dolma Festival

Dolma is a national dish of Armenia made from minced meat wrapped in fresh grape leaves. The event is held at Hnaberd village on May 20, where visitors have the possibility to try all the different varieties of the dish. Therefore, by attending the celebration, you’ll be able to try all the different types and varieties at once.

The Vardavar Festival

This is one of the fun activities in which you can participate all over Armenia on July 8. The word vardavar in Armenian has two meanings: to sprinkle with water and the flaming of the rose. Legend has it that the goddess Astghik disseminated love all across Armenia by sprinkling rose water. The god Vahagn defended that love by continually fighting against Evil. After the adoption of Christianity, this tradition was transformed into Vardavar, a festivity where everyone splashes water on each other.

International Balloon Festival

The International Balloon Festival brings a special atmosphere to Yerevan on September 15-18, where many colorful balloons from different countries adorn Yerevan’s sky, making it a picture-perfect place. The festival, organized by Skyball, aims to develop tourism in the country, as well as its aviation and aeronautics.