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Armenia program idea

program idea jeep tour armenia
DMC Armenia

Jeep Tour

A fantastic program by Jeep through this amazing area of beauty in Armenia.

Marvel at impressive basalt column formations carved by the Goght River at Garni Gorge, a picturesque ravine with an eponymous pre-Christian temple of Mithras perched atop its steep cliff. Thousands of hexagonal volcanic rock bars protrude from the clifftop like a giant curtain, forming what locals call the "Symphony of the Stones." You'll see some goatherd huts, an 11th-century bridge, and a few kiosks selling dry fruits.

Huge stone pillars are about 50 meters above floor level.. The “Symphony of Stones” is supposed to be the consequence of the crash of volcanic rocks that is still feasible today. In this respect, admiring natural phenomenon is suggested at a secure distance.